In March 2012, the Lord blessed me and I was able to purchase the RED Scarlet, and in January ’15, the RED Epic Dragon. Now I am making it available to the greater independent community, more specifically Christian. I dare you to find a more affordable RED Epic Dragon package anywhere, I know I haven’t. In order to keep my rates low, for reasons such as insurance, I will need to accompany the camera in most cases. However I do NOT require that I operate the camera. I can do any of the following: DP, Camera Op, AC, Grip, Electric, or Construction. I’m located in Atlanta, GA however I have taken my camera all over America, and Internationally!

My goal is to be a resource to Independent Christian Filmmakers, please contact me if you have any questions regarding the package, and if you’re shooting longer than a month, special rates may apply.  Contact me for details cinegearrental@gmail.com (yes I check this email frequently.)